iPhone 5: a hidden feature of Siri is the buzz

A super-slim phone incorporated with exceptional new applications or monitor and keyboard in hologram. Okay. But this time, it’s terrible. If fans of Apple can no longer wait for the release of the iPhone 5 – still nothing official – the coup, imaginative side, everything is good. Thus, a video is much talked about on the Net: entitled “Hidden Feature Siri iPhone is 5″ , the personal assistant Siri makes a smart iPhone unusable, ranging up ‘to break into the screen when a user enters three times a wrong password.

Calm down. It does not really exist.

As each output (close or distant) of an Apple product, the fans into their heads to imagine the thing in all directions. And especially who are futuristic.

Result, this video “Hidden Feature of Siri iPhone 5″ offers several advances: a truly extraordinary finesse, a screen appears larger and thus the famous “hidden function”. But this is primarily a work of design and offers nothing for the moment, this destructive function.

A baffling imagination ***

This is not the first time that strange concepts are emerging on the Net. Thus, already in August 2011 for the release of the iPhone 4S, a studio envisioned a Apple smartphone as thin as a sheet of paper, with a holographic screen which can leave images and the size of a  conventional PC monitor and a mini projector that can project … a keyboard!

Goodbye So many typos with big fingers.

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