iphone 3rd generation: a review by IGZO

In addition to a hypothetical iPad 7.85 inches , Apple would also prepare a revision thinner and lighter the iphone 3G, a minor update does not  justify a new generation. According to several sources of Asian daily DigiTimes , Apple should finally commercialize what would initially have been the third iPad.

Apple iphone 3G

Apple was actually surprised with his new iPad heavier and thicker than its predecessor . Weighing from 590 to 635 g and a thickness from 8.8 to 9.4 mm, the increase is negligible but it certainly goes against Apple’s habits.

We know now that Apple has faced a shortage of production yield slabs IGZO Sharp he had planned to adopt, and he preferred to maintain the launch of the new model, even making use of fireworks . In this case he used slabs of Samsung requiring less transparent, because the doubling of the resolution, a doubling of the backlight system which led to a chain reaction: increase of electricity consumption, so the heating, and thus the thickness.

Since then, the productions of slabs by Sharp IGZO have found a satisfactory production rate. Apple prepare for a revision of the third generation iphone, at least as thin and light as the iPad 2, without waiting for the next renewal.

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