IOS 6: Passbook made his hole in the pockets

Sephora and American Airlines are among the satisfied Passbook users, the manager of loyalty cards, tickets and other discount coupons appeared with iOS 6. The airline had recorded 10 million downloads of its app ten days after the announcement of Passbook. In a Wired articleit says observing daily use of approximately 20,000 electronic tickets and 1.5 million regular users of the system. A number is growing gradually as its passengers use iOS 6.

For mobile product manager of American Airlines, Apple has played his shot making readily available technical elements to integrate this system with an app, facilitating rapid deployment.

Sephora, the cosmetics seller was also a pioneer. 10,000 loyalty cards were recorded on the first day of availability Passbook, volume increased to 375,000 today.

The brand also uses this system for electronic gift cards. A person sends an email to another with a link. One click is added to a pass Passbook, which may enforce store. This also works from physical cards that you scan with your iPhone to complete the application Passbook (Apple does the same with gift cards in Apple Storebut it is serves U.S. stores).passbook app for iphone

Starbuck, Fandango (ticket booking shows), Amtrak, United Airlines (transport), Major League Baseball, Target, among users Passbook which has its section on the App Store. But the content is predominantly American obedience. In France include Auchan as Passbook user or McDonalds. A Journal of France reported a dramatic increase of orders from the iOS app in the fast-food chain: 700,000 coupons downloaded in launch week, 44% of orders and 40% for iOS users prefer iPhone app that would also operate Passbook.

Another advantage is put forward compatibility with playback systems existing barcodes rather than requiring absolutely NFC, less widespread. Others, in Wired, regret some complexity in the initial understanding of how Passbook. With these apps to download which feed to other app Passbook but not automatically. Or lack of ability to pay. Passbook is not (yet) a real electronic purse.

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