iOS 5’s iMessage, Message is lost his popularity for iPhone’s iMessage.

Graph Shows statistical view of Messages vs iMessagesApple introduces new messaging technology for conveying between two iOS 5 device colligated to the internet over Wi-Fi as a major part of iOS 5. A confusion insisted myself to have some questions these are While the service is called iMessage and what is the difference between iMessage service & SMS, the actual app of iPhone’s iOS 5 is called Messages. To make iMessage platform just go to Settings and then Messages. Must need to sign up with Apple ID email address and ensure your phone number (only iPhone) and applicable email addresses are correct.

Message will be lost his brightness by penetrate of iMessage. It is realized from one iPhone user, Nevan Margan, he observed his Message usages decreases rapidly after upgrading his cell phone to iOS 5 which introduce iMessage. The graph (design by Nevan Margan) shows a comparison between iPhone’s iMessage & Message in below. It’s declined dramatically as you can see.

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