iOS 5 Newsstand

Newsstand” features of Apple iOS 5 just already in front of our eyes with strong magazines supporting capability as good news. Theoretically, it’s really not too fabulous one but you get something more different after using it.

To deal with subscription-based digital newspapers and magazines, Newsstand is already supported by various existing iOS application, so you may already have pointed out it at occupied.

Magazine and newspaper app subscriptions get, place in newsstand (All in one) organized by Apple in iOS 5.Its a folder only that is used to gain access to your preferred issues speedily and easily. Another storage available on the app store for Newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

It contains all subscriptions apps and erases their icon from screen — instead, all issuing compatible apps appear on shelf during newsstand app tap is opened. Each issue will display the most recently published that cover, so you can tell at a glance if there’s something new.

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