Intel will produce 64-bit processors for Android

Intel founder announced that its 64-bit processors range Atom Bay Trail would be issued to hardware manufacturers not only for Windows but also for Android.  Following the trend of 64-bit, initiated by Apple with its A7 and soon with Samsung Exynos , Intel will soon produce 64-bit processors for Android and Windows devices.

Hermann Eul, vice president of mobile communication section and the group, spoke to this effect at a meeting with investors  stating Android was equally concerned that Windows by this announcement. Intel will produce 64-bit processors for Android

The first Bay Trail Atom processors 64-bit will be sent to manufacturers in the first quarter of 2014 for Windows. No precise date on Android but Intel did everything to make it happen quickly according to his statements.

 The transition to 64-bit devices will allow addressing more memory. For demanding applications such as games is the ability to handle larger amounts of data more efficiently than 32-bit systems.

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