Intel finally owns Basis watch

Specialists in microprocessors have acquired Basis for over 100 million.

Rumor is Intel acquires Basis at 100 million. 150 million, adds an anonymous source site Techcrunch . The sale would be concluded. This acquisition has yet been confirmed by any of the two companies, but it is consistent with Intel’s new strategy.

At CES and MWC 2014 , Intel announced its intention to concentrate on the “wearable product” . And joins the action to the word with great fanfare prototypes (we particularly note the kettle 2.0 or toy frog connected) and microchips for this market.

Intel has now won the sale of Basis, a creative business-wise connected. The B1 Smartwatch Health Tracker is capable of capturing various physiological measures (heart rate, for example) and even to analyze the quality of your sleep. The watches are now connected on all channels devoted to technologies and analysts announce 2014 as a great year in this owns basis watch

Candidates are therefore legion to seek expertise of some well established companies in this sector. It is rumored that other major players showed interest Basis, Apple and Google in mind. Intel has gone ahead and released the checkbook. The chipmaker wants to see chips brand in all devices of the next generation.

This acquisition would allow Intel to have a strong team formed the production of connected objects. It could thus develop his own watch based on sensors B1 while equipping future devices Basis with its own achievements. One can well imagine the impact on the market a smartwatch designed by Basis, which is the power of Intel processors add. Stay tuned.

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