idesk: now your worktable with all your apps

May be you are a fan of Microsoft’s Surface technology however do not want to run Windows? You like to pick out iOS or Mac OS as your OS selection, this idea and design comes from Adam Benton mind. The iDesk  reveals us what it would be seems to have an apple worktable, like a large touch screen display, transfer information to and fro iOS devices by just touching them on the surface. Announcements, to-do details, interactive video and plenty of apps such as calculators and climate reviews would all appear right on the surface of your workplace, basically placing your working world at your touch tips.

Desktop surface could give your workplace a mahogany expression, flow your workplace upon the ocean, or make you feel to flow above the cloud of all necessary elements.

The workplace (desk) could synchronize with your Mac or possibly have a Mac OS, perhaps with a part of the desk’s exterior set at an angle up to act as a monitor. Tactual controls keyboard could furthermore be substituted by a electronic touch-sensitive edition. And definitely, the desk would easily synchronize to your iCloud domain to keep update of all your information.

Of course this is probably something that Apple Company will never launch, but it would be amazing if somebody maintained to develop one for them.

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    Nice application.

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