Hybrid Cloud – A Peace of Mind for Business Users

Ever since a massive adoption of cloud technology in business environment has started, CIOs kept discussing its benefits and flaws. Though many companies restrained from using public cloud for storing their sensitive data, others have found ways to smoothly integrate it into their business processes.

Security issues in public cloud

Despite its advantages for individual users, public cloud does carry a certain degree of risk for business data. As many surveys have pointed out, security of public cloud has always been the top inhibitor for transferring too much workload to cloud servers. With the increasing amount of data being sent to the online space, the number of malicious attacks grows and users feel less comfortable about storing too much data there.

Private cloud = Large Investments

There is an efficient alternative to public cloud and it refers to storing all the data in-house. As appealing as it may sound, company managers are aware how abstract this idea may be. Namely, having a personal data center or a private cloud requires large investments, which is usually possible only for huge enterprises. Therefore, most startups or small businesses must abandon this idea and contemplate possibilities with public cloud.hybrid cloud

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Even though everybody wants maximum security for his or her data, this doesn’t mean the only option to get this is to invest in building a private cloud. Instead, with hybrid cloud, everybody has a possibility to combine the features of both private and public cloud and adjust them to their own needs. This possibility is known as hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud emerged as a mediate solution that allows companies to get most of private cloud’s security and public cloud’s affordable applications. It refers to a customized plan of distributing resources between on-premise servers and online storage. All it takes is time to carefully plan the possibilities and decide upon the data that gets to be stored in public cloud.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a tough decision. For those who have been operating with a private cloud for some time already, it is easier than ever to outsource public cloud platform. Practically, all the storage space you may need for hosting less sensitive applications can be rented from an external provider at a low price. This way you get advanced applications and, as long as you store your key-business data on your own servers, you don’t have to worry about security. In addition, your employees can boost their productivity with state-of-the-art cloud software, while your IT costs remain the same.

Without the need to buy and maintain expensive hardware, you may allocate your budget resources into the areas that really matter. Obviously, this is the only way you can smoothly develop your business, especially if the IT is not your key area. Therefore, even if you’re operating on a low budget you can get the access to all the resources you need. Such a possibility is one of the reasons why cloud computing technology has become popular in the first place and why it remained the most popular tech trend all these years.

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