HTC put on Windows 8 to boost its smartphones

Sound, picture and design. This is the triptych on which the Taiwanese group setting to regain an audience that is diverted from its Smartphone. HTC have to stand out. The latest figures are not good for the Taiwanese group, which has seen its sales grow from $ 4.6 billion in the third quarter of 2011 to $ 2.4 billion over the same period in 2012. Net income totaled $ 133.1 million, more than four times less than the previous year.

We are part of [Apple and Samsung].” Taiwanese has sold 9.3 million phones in the world in the first half. It holds 2.2% market share, against 2.6% the previous year, according to Gartner data released in August.

To find fascinated colors counting on its new HTC Smartphone operating on Windows 8 with HTC ONE Displayschutzfolie, this crystal clear screen protector is guaranteed that it will greatly increase the readability of the display under strong light sources. And it is not only opting for red or blue phones, like the Nokia, it intends to make a difference. The new range is based on a triptych “sound, photo, design” that the group intends to impose in terms of the com ‘.  Both phones are announced for the month of November: 8X for up market (499 Euros excluding package), and 8S for the mid-range (299 Euros).

Beats Audio for sound

Question it, the group emphasizes the acquisition in 2011 of the manufacturer of Beats Audio headphones, and its technology is now embedded in mobile phones regarding the camera, is equipped with an 8X sensor 8 megapixel camera and a front 2.1 MP with HD quality video. In terms of design, color and Smartphone combines flowing lines with a rounded hull quite successful and an integrated screen giving the impression of being very large (4.3 inches).

Unlike HTC One X +, the 8X is not  4G LTE  compatible. Windows 8 will come to this smartphone. At HTC, we do not communicate on the progress of this new version. We expect an official launch by Microsoft on 26 October. The ownership of the prototype, however, suggests no major innovation compared to Windows 7 Phone, it is possible to vary the size of the windows home.

HTC want to sell more smartphones with Microsoft OS as Android. “We want to strike a balance between with the two OS,” said Anne-Sophie Frenove. 10 million smartphones operating on Windows Phone have been sold by the Taiwanese, she says.

HTC shows anyway fangs with a range of three high-end smartphones operating on Android (One X One XL, One X +) and two Windows 8. One hears the X + battle with iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Should we take all his dreams for realities?

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