How to take apart iPod Touch 5G

How to take apart iPod Touch 5G

It is barely a five month since the new iPod Touch 5G is in the hands of customers first, that it is already fully disassembled. Take apart iPod Touch 5G is not as easy as the iPhone 5.Taking apart iPod touch

Taking apart iPod 5G Touch

To dismantle iPod Touch 5G you will need patience and bring a good hair dryer to soften the glue used to join around the screen. Allow it at least 5 minutes with a standard hair dryer. Once you feel that the glue paste around is softened enough, then use a small spatula preferably thin p4ast.c to lift the first part (screen) which is divided into two piece & Unscrew the metal plate that covers the battery and other components on the motherboard.take apart iPod Touch 5G

Here you have access to the battery. You can change it if it fails you in the long run using your new iPod Touch 5G. In approximately 2 hours all of these manipulations will complete.

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