How to save images from instagram

How to save images from instagram

As a reminder,  lnstagam is an application available on the AppStore that lets you easily share your photos with your friends and creation or your family. Facebook just bought Instagram for $ 1 trillion (about 1000 billion), it is possible that Mr Zuckerberg and Co Instagram exchange functionality, or modify the structure, which could cause you to lose your photos. There is a way to recover them.How to save images from instagram

The owner of Facebook  may suggest changes to the arrival of new  Instagram application . Knowing that it is used by over 30 million users, it is conceivable that Mark Zuckerberg and his team get publicity from the photos. They may the application free or delete images to leave to new database or make this free app profitable.

Although Facebook says it will keep Instagram as an entity in itself, and it will make no change. It’s a safe bet that an investment of $1 trillion, if changes are needed it will be!


If you enjoy your photos and do not want to lose them, you can easily download on your PC or Mac  or even make a backup on Facebook or save photos on instagram. Everything you need to extract your photos Instagram to zip a single file, just

1) Possess Instagram.

2) Go for a ride on

If you wanted to save photos, visit the site

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