How to install siri proxy on iphone

How to install siri proxy on iphone

You will have to install siri proxy in order to enjoy Siri personal assistant on your ipad or iphone. The tutorial that follows will allow you to create your certificate ca.pem,Which is generated when installing siri proxy. You will need this certificate if you want to install Siri Spire tweak on an iPhone or iPad. Video, at the end of article will help you to do your installation step if necessary.


• Ubuntu 11.10 (If you do not have Ubuntu, download for free [32 Bits or 64 Bits]. Burn it or put it on a USB key to boot the OS). You can also use Ubuntu virtualized on VMWare or Virtual Box.

• An IPhone 4S to test your SiriProxy.How to install  siri proxy on ipad


Once you have started your Ubuntu 11.10. Launch the Terminal. Put yourself in Wi-Fi to perform various manipulations. Now type the following commands:

First command line

sudo apt-get install dnsmasq ruby build-essential openssl

libreadline6 libreadline6-dev curl git-core zlib1g zlib1g-dev libssl-dev

libyaml-dev libsqlite3-0  libsqlite3-dev sqlite3 libxml2-dev

libxslt-dev autoconf libc6-dev ncurses-dev automake libtool

bison subversion

Take care to observe the spaces!

Second command line

sudo nano /etc/dnsmasq.cont

- Find the line #address=/, it should be around lines 61-62.

- Press Enter just after the line

- Write:  address = /

- Then type Control + o to save the previous line

- Confirm the backup by pressing Enter

- Now do Control + x to exit the prompt lines.

Third command line

Sudo /etc/init.d /dnsmasq restart

Fourth command line

bash  < <(curl –s

5th command line

[[ -s  “$HOME /.rvm / scripts / rvm” ]] &&. <<“S HOME /.rvm /scripts/rvm” >>

6th command line

 echo ‘[[ -s  “$ HOME /.rvm / scripts / rvm” ]] &&. <<$HOME /.rvm/scripts/ rvm >> #

Load RVM function’ >>  ~/.bash_profile

Seventh command line

rvm install 1.9.3

This command line will takes a long time to execute. Wait..

8th command line

rvm use 1.9.3-default

9th command line

gilt clone git://

Tenth command line

cd SiriProxy

- You will need to type y to continue the process

11th command line


12th command line

mkdir ~/. siriproxy

13th command line

cp ./config.example.yml ~/.siriproxy/config.yml

14th command line

siriproxy gencerts

15th command line

siriproxy bundle

16th command line

rvmsudo siriproxy server

After this last command line, you have just finished to setup  Siri Proxy certificate.  If you went well in the Terminal must be find “Starting SiriProxy on port 443…”  Now that you have finished creating the certificate, it will have to go back.

If the show hidden folders options to is not enabled, enable the option because the file is in a hidden folder.

- Go to the folder /.siriproxy (this is a hidden folder)

- Find ca.pem file, then send it to your email address

If you have an iPhone 4S

Get the file ca.pem on your mailbox, and then click it. An installation window will open named SiriProxyCA, click Install.

You’ll notice that the window installation certificate, informs you that the source of the certificate is not reliable, do not pay attention to it, continue with Install.

Continue by pressing again on Install and then click OK to exit the installation window.

This certificate installed now, you will soon be able to test if it works correctly by running Siri

- Go to the Settings menu of your device and the Wi-Fi network

- Find the Wi-Fl network to which you are connected and then click the

blue arrow to the right to access the settings

- Replace the DNS address of your wireless network with the lP address of your Ubuntu.

- Back in Settings. Enable Airplane mode and then turn off again

That’s it? You will finally be able to test your SiriProxy launching siri and saying “Test Siri Proxy”.

If you answered “Siri Proxy is up and running!” Is that you have successfully set your SiriProxy.


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