How to cut micro sim to nano sim

How to cut micro sim to nano sim for iPhone

In this tutorial we will explain how to cut Micro sim to Nano sim. This tutorial is intended for people wishing to transform their Micro SIM to Nano SIM to use in their iPhone5.

Caution: The cutting of the SIM card is to do in your own risk. The tutorial is for information and techitrendz will not be held responsible for any damage to your sim to cut micro sim to nano sim


  • Download and print this page to scale to 100% on an A4 page.
  • Attach your SIM card with double-sided tape to the printed template.
  • Use a ruler and marker to draw cutting lines on your SIM card.
  • Cut your SIM card along the marked lines with scissors. Contacts trim usually does not affect the functionality of the chip itself.
  • Round the edges by rubbing them with sandpaper or a file to longue Y including tolerance specifications defined by ETSI (p 20) (30 pm/-7Opm) NanoSIMS (0.67mm) are only 60 micrometers thin a SIM card Mini (2FF) or Micro SIM (3FF) (0.76 times), which matches almost same dimension of a human hair but that does not make a difference in practice, including not iPhone 5.

Video will help you when you trying to transform your Micro sim to Nano sim.We carried out the same operation in less than 10 minutes without problem.

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