Honda wants to compete with the Twizy’s Micro Commuter Prototype

Honda unveiled the production version of its Micro Commuter Prototype, a quadric cycle electric Renault Twizy competitor with a 20 horsepower. The market for such quadric cycles Renault Twizy is he trying to really develop? In any case, it seems interesting that Honda yesterday presented the production version of its Micro Commuter Prototype, announcing that he would be in the testing phase in Japan sometime in 2013.Renault Twizy

Unlike Twizy that can carry two people (1 adult and 1 child or 2 adults) together, the Honda model has two configurations: same as the Twizy or 1 adult in the front and 2 children the rear. The motor and the battery are located under the floor and at the rear, for a total length of 2.5 meters (1.25 m wide and 1.45 m high).

Developed according to the standards of the new category of micro vehicles currently being studied by the Japanese authorities, the Micro Commuter Prototype Honda has a 20 horsepower and a range of 60 km provided by lithium-ion batteries. The maximum speed is 80 km / h. It can be used by individuals, but also administrative fleets or car sharing.

Inside its own tablet driver, before starting to connect, which performs the functions of the dashboard, navigation, radio, etc? Honda also plans to add solar panels to power the body elements.

Honda’s main rival, fellow Toyota has not yet announced equivalent model. He presented at the Paris Motor Show its iQ EV , micro electric city, but has not yet decided whether to sell it.

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