Google describes Google’s Nexus 7 by leakage before Google I / O

There are no secrets! Google may have wanted to surprise us with the unveiling of a new tablet embarking Jelly Bean this week at its annual conference I / O , but unfortunately it did not count on the weasels of the web looking at all costs the latest information. A document has been disclosed and provided us with all details about the rumor of an upcoming Google tablet, now known as Google Nexus 7.

According to leaked documents Google will announce the Google Nexus 7 at Google I / O as we thought. The tablet is quite powerful, but cheap, which is directly aimed at people who have not yet purchased a tablet or if you want a cheaper alternative for a future purchase. The tablet will be manufactured by Asus, will sport a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800. It will carry a quad-core processor Tegra 3 to 1 .3 GHz, complemented by a new 12-core GeForce GPU and 1GB of RAM for more graphics realism and support of 3D. The tablet comes in two varieties, 8GB and 16GB. The 8GB model will be proposed at around $ 199 and the 16GB model at $ 249.

Unfortunately, the Google Nexus 7 has only a 1.2MP camera, and available on the front. The battery seems to have improved, promising up to nine hours of battery life. The screen also has a viewing angle of 178 degrees so that the visibility should be optimal for almost any type of position. Of course, the biggest rumor is the operating system. The Google Nexus 7 should be the first Android device embarks Jelly Bean. According to Gizmodo AU, the document does not specify if it is Android 4.1 or 5.0, but all signs are pointing indicates 4.1. The document also states that Google will be responsible for all updates from now on Android for the Nexus 7 to help minimize fragmentation.

The information contained in the document appear to be quite realistic. Specifications and prices listed are what we have heard in recent months. Hopefully they have something else up their sleeve … I do not know if a tablet Google will be able to compete with the iPad and the surface. And you, would you rather have a cheaper tablet, a tablet or high-end “equivalent” to the iPad or the Microsoft Surface?

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