Gmail allows 10 GB attachments

Providing access to its online storage service Google Drive via the new composition window message Gmail, Google allows you to send attachments that weigh up to 10 GB A record.

Gmail allows attachments up to 10 GBDespite the explosion of connection speeds, both in amount as down through ADSL and optical fiber, it is still too complicated to e-mail attachments a little heavy. Most ISPs block the sending of 10 MB and via Webmail, only Gmail stands with a limit of 25 MB

But the online messaging service Google will free itself soon or almost any limit, pushing further its integration with the storage service Google Drive. As announced yesterday on the official Gmail blog, it will soon be possible for those who use the new message composition window to send an attachment weighing up to 10 GB! It is in fact the maximum size of a file that can be hosted on a Google Drive.

To use this feature, you must click on a specific button Google Drive rather than the traditional button attachments paperclip. Gmail will verify that the file access rights are open to all recipients, making you change it if necessary. For their part, the recipients then have the latest version of the file sent as an attachment. That is to say, if you change and they eventually return the visit, this is the modified version in their possession. However, if you delete the file, they will no longer have access to unless you have saved locally or online account their own beforehand.

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