Gas Air Bag, its harmfulness in question

A motorist involved in an accident has breathed the white powder released when deploying the air bag. He died two months later of pulmonary complications occurred after the accident.

In 2010, person named Scottish Ronald Smith experienced a car accident. The frontal impact  was not fatal, thanks to the airbag of the vehicle. But the balloon was immediately pierced by a damaged component of the passenger. A white powder was then spread, likely causing irritation to the face of Ronald Smith.

According to DailyRecord, which tells the story, Scots is then taken of cough and shortness of breath, followed by persistent respiratory problems. A few weeks after the accident, he was admitted to hospital where he died. A forensic investigation has shown that her lungs were infected, death resulting from acute pneumonia. Side effects after an airbag deployment are known. Passengers may be muted following the sound of detonators (180 db) or experience with small friction burns on the skin of the balloon, but not this type of incident with the white powder, which frequently spreads yet. The chemicals in the air bag (NaN3, KNO3, and SiO2) are not considered harmful.

The vehicle manufacturer, General Motors, wants to deepen its investigation before commenting on the subject.

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