Garmin introduced multisensory wheel / touchpad

Specialist GPS, Garmin turns into OEM with its new control system that combines a multimedia wheel and touchpad. Control Dial multimedia systems and vehicle navigation in our cars modern she’s to worry? It must in any case deal with a new complementary system, the touch pad. Introduced on its MMI system from Audi A8, the A7 Sportback A3 and the new (which it is built on top of the wheel), the latter is being considered among OEMs and accessory manufacturers.

There are a couple of days, we found the control pad TRW and today is the American Garmin presenting its control system where the touchpad is a good place. As Audi A8 MMI, it is separated from the wheel (not touch, placed under the pavement), both being accompanied by four navigation buttons in menus. Everything can control the audio, the phone connection, GPS, etc.

This dual control system Garmin and touchpad with scroll wheel is characterized by the presence of infrared sensors which ‘feel’ the hand approaching and only then, display the available commands on the screen of the center console. The rest of the time, it is not visually polluted by these elements, allowing the driver to better see the map or the name of the selected radio. For now, this controller is in draft Garmin he has not been named yet. But we have no doubt he is coming soon in some makes of cars.

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