Galaxy S5 with unique multi user video calls

For several years now, Samsung never ceases to add new features on its high-end range. Stay Smart, Smart Scroll, Air View, or S Translator are all integrated by the South Korean manufacturer to its TouchWiz overlay functions to improve the user experience and to stand out of stock Android.

Each presentation terminal was an opportunity for the firm to add at least one new software. Samsung does not seem to stop there and could offer with its Galaxy S5, the opportunity to spend multi user video calls.

This is at least what suggests a patent filed by the manufacturer to the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, service management Korean patents, as emphasized Sam Mobile.

As images from the patent show, it will be possible to make real “conference call” with your friends, family or colleagues. You can talk directly with several interlocutors as already allow certain applications, with the difference that the latter will be integrated natively in a future smartphone. Thus, you will be able to end the call, mute the microphone, enjoy the two cameras of the phone and change camera. Of course, for now it is only a visual representation that could very well change in the future.

Although this information does not indicate the Galaxy S5, it is easy to assume that this feature will be available on the new products coming from the South Korean Smartphone’s firm .

It will even be possible, thanks to the dual camera mode, simultaneously show your face and your surroundings by activating the rear and front cameras.

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