Facebook invests in undersea cable

To better serve the Asia-Pacific, Facebook joins a consortium that plans to deploy fiber optic cables underwater.Generally, these are the operators that invest in such operations. Orange, with the consortium LION2, drew his last cable to Mayotte in February for example. But increasingly, these are the service operators (Google, Facebook, etc..) Who mingle in the battle, but not go it alone.
Google has already invested in this type of work, particularly in 2008, with a cable that serves the South East Asia. For Facebook, it’s time to attack. And obviously, his ambitions are as European than Asian.

Last May, the first global social network announced a partnership with TeliaSonera, to establish a pan-European network connected to its data centers. Today it is Asia that is rife, supported by the consortium Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), which also counts in its ranks of Chinese operators like China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, which also participate in the project.
The total cost of the operation would be about 360 million euros, for a cable length of approximately 10 000 km. It should be in production by 2014, to serve Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.
Of course, Asia is a growth of very great significance for Facebook, and Web services for the world beyond. But essentially, this announcement also reflects a different reality: that of “network neutrality” in the broadest sense. These multiple investments from companies like Facebook and Google have also suggested they gradually disengage from only “roads” and pipes offered by operators. So they gain independence, but also more traffic, autonomy, etc..

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