Expected blow from Microsoft and Nokia to U.S market

2012 promises to be the year of the last opportunity for Nokia and Microsoft.
If both companies want to influence the future market of mobile phones, they have to strike fast and hard.

Lately, he murmured that the two companies are preparing to launch a marketing campaign for $ 100 million just in the U.S. to promote the Nokia Ace. This model has the 4G (LTE) will be marketed by AT & T from March 18.

Paul Thurrott seems he knows a lot about the issue, said the two allies will spend more than the figure of $ 200 million. And again, this amount would still be below the reality.

The goal is to sell millions of devices in the first half, in a market where Nokia is
not present. Besides a large advertising campaign, Nokia and Microsoft have decided
to offer vendors a commission of 10 to $ 15 each time they sell a phone with the operating system from Microsoft.

If the plan is excellent but risky.If true,it will certainly encourage promoters and enployee (especially requested ones) to sell  Windows Phone like mad. The built in issue with it though is that clients may eventually end up with a system that is certainly  not quite right for them.

Nokia is not only involved in the operation to led Microsoft to the general public in the U.S. As well as  Samusung have also developed significant resources to promote microsoft Windows Phone. We should learn more about the plans of Microsoft and its partners at CES, which takes place next week.

In any case, I’d ready for a unquestionable overwhelm of windows phone marketing and offer soon. If this company play their movement right, we will not be able to think of buying a new phone without thinking microsoft windows phone.

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