Era of 3D printed real stone and wood

CES 2015 currently dominating Las Vegas, the MakerBot 3D printer manufacturer has unveiled a new generation of composite filaments. They will soon print objects reproducing the properties of metal, wood or limestone.

 The 3D printer, according to 45% of you just make cheap objects/ expensive model / in some case military product as on product of 2014. MakerBot do you know this company? They come in front, at CES 2015; the manufacturer announced a major change in the 3D printing industry. It will soon offer a new generation of composite filaments.

 So far, the vast majority of 3D printers allowed general public to print objects only plastic, based on PLA or ABS coils. Makerbot added wood, stone and metal in this checklist. Not directly, of course, but incorporating powder form these different materials in PLA. The printer will be able to reproduce the base material of the color but also some of its properties. Makerbot does not specify how, but now we can already think of the wood grain or limestone or cold metal from 3d printing device.3d printed stone

By introducing new concept of 3d printing, MakerBot now in dominant position.

Obviously, one cannot speak of a real “revolution”: Makerbot approach is far from participating in the democratization of 3D printing. This new generation of coils to be associated with extruders dedicated to each type of material, along with the appropriate drivers. The manufacturer states that its latest generation of printers is equipped with a Smart Dispense, simplifying device replacement.

 Have to say that only MakerBot will hand over this new type of polymer composite. Now there are growing competition over 3d technology, including open source systems, everyone wishes to bring new technology and offer, it’s so competitive unless significant efforts in R & D. The market leader therefore reserves tighter control on the production of 3d object, which should not facilitate public access to this type of material. Output of these new reels expected in the second half of 2015.

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