Electronic System Design and Manufacturing for automotive

In present most of the car evolving through the new feature of electronics, embedded software and networked systems. Their integration gives comfort and security to automobile driver.

 Now, vehicles rely on a fleet of specialized mini-computers (ECU) and plethora of lines of code that govern information and entertainment systems as well as the most critical functions: injection, braking and now an increasing number of vehicles equipped with  driving assistance functions or parking management.  That is sufficient to measure the increasing importance of electronic systems and automotive embedded software.

 American cars, mostly equipped with automatic gear boxes are even more dependent on embedded computing than their European counterparts.

 In a recent auto car symposium, several major players in the automotive industry have shown the strategic importance of embedded systems. When the Paris Motor Show 2012 showcases the Vehicle of the Future, Renault and Valeo suppliers and Delphi have thus presented collaborative research programs likely to structure the auto industry in their area.Electronic System Design & Manufacturing for automotive

 A transversal role

“The three pillars of the future are the electric car, the connected car and automated car. The electronics system is transverse to all. It will play a role in functions as diverse as managing electric charging, motor control, connectivity to the vehicle’s external environment, or driver aid systems “said by an expert, leader in charge Development of embedded software technologies at Renault.

Currently, cars are not conceivable without electronic components. ABS, ESP, airbags as well as various electronic systems driving assistance and safety are now part of the standard equipment of most vehicles. Failure or malfunction of these components would have fatal consequences for the passengers.Electronic System Design for automotive

However to integrate more electronics system in the automotive, several challenges remain. The issue of security remains primal “systems are becoming more numerous and interconnected” said by an expert. We must therefore change these methods of development and provide clear evidence of their reliability through ultimate design for manufacturing.

Harmonize architectures

Another imperative: to ensure the compatibility of application components developed by different manufacturers – the subcontractor to the manufacturer, through the OEM. Eventually, some design for manufacturing aims to conquer and harmonize all the electronics architecture of a car and successfully achieve it with their expertise.

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