Dropbox strengthens its security

The online storage service offers a dual authentication from version 1.5.12 software.During the month of August this year, Dropbox had admitted being a victim of piracy, which had led to data leakage, especially some passwords. Immediately, the company announced that it would propose new options quickly securing user accounts. This is now done.

This new option allows you to add a step to the identification of access to a storage account. Note that this option must be activated because it is not automatically provided. The operation is as follows. The dual system results in the receipt of a code via SMS that then enter its Dropbox account. Another possibility is to use a mobile authentication application like Google Authenticator, Amazon AWS MFA. Apple users can choose to generate a code from the tools for generating passwords OATH.

To take advantage of this two-factor authentication, it should download the new version available at this address.

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