Dragon Go! fantabulous voice search now for Android

Android has a pretty good built in voice search system; Dragon Go is one step ahead, with immaculate voice identification system and by instantly discovering what you’re in search of and taking you to the appropriate website.

On the iPhone there are extensive lovers of Dragon Go! And the Android app provides excellent feature you’ve come to anticipate from its iOS edition. The voice identification recognizes what you’re stating very well, and will navigate you to the exact website what you are looking for. For example, looking a meeting place name will take you immediately to appropriate website like Yelp, while stating a book’s name will navigate you to Amazon. Even when it creates an error, all of its incorporated websites are just run away on the tab bar, so it couldn’t be much easier to appropriate.

So why not try out Dragon at least one time, If you want an excellent voice search app.

Free download available for Dragon Go!(for android devices).

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