Destroy more pigs with the new episode of Angry Birds Seasons

The fans of Angry Birds; get prepared for your next battle, as Rovio has released the new episode of their most exciting game “Angry Birds Seasons: Year of the Dragon”. As the earlier episodes were based on different festive seasons of the year, the new episode is built focusing the Chinese New Year to keep that trend continued. This game is sure to add more excitement for those who want to celebrate their new year in a festive mood.

This game has 15 new levels which include some new game features, such as exploding fireworks. The game includes a new character “Mighty Dragon”, which seems to have replaced the “Mighty Eagle” character. The most amazing news for the fans is, this new episode is Free and is available for downloading in both iOS and Android. So for those who gets bored in visiting relatives, download the game as early as you can and enjoy your new year.

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