Connected car: Sharing Wifi to save money

An international team of researchers has developed a technique for embedded systems of cars to network via their WiFi connection.  The aim is to alleviate the costs of 3G connections. The connected car is not a myth, it is already there. 4 Renault Clio or Peugeot 208 , both models will soon be the most sold in Europe and will benefit from an information system connected to enjoy 3G applications in real time, as traffic information, the availability of parking  spaces or the price of fuel at petrol stations. But now, the 3G connection is expensive and hinders the development of this technology.

A team of U.S. and Singapore has developed a method to alleviate this bill. For this, the system connected to the car must have a WiFi connection as is the case today with some top models and tomorrow, on a larger number of models (Ford puts massive states USA). The idea is to connect researchers a continuous set of vehicles (a cluster of sorts) into a network capable of exchanging data in Wifi.  A program can keep this virtual group incorporating or removing vehicles as they move away or closer geographically.  Several hundred cars can be well connected and only a few will take care of connections with the outside via their 3G network,  much like modems.

When a motorist wish eg read emails on the screen of his car, his car system will connect to Wifi in another car (therefore free) and it will download the data in its place in 3G. To be economic, the connection 3G is used to service multiple requests simultaneously, by compressing the stream, allowing to use less bandwidth. Like all cars of this network take turns playing the role of parasite and modem, the 3G connection of each is put to use but so optimized and generates less cost.


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