Citrix refreshes its application ShareFile iPad

Citrix gives a boost to its application ShareFile iPad, for data exchange, including new features for businesses.With its tool ShareFile iPad , Citrix wanted to integrate it into the businesses so they can share files across multiple environments. “Say goodbye to FTP!”, Plays the editor, which offers application sends large files securely, storage and synchronization.

But the sauce did not really take. That’s why Citrix has revamped tool to give it a facelift, with a major update that includes many useful new features as follows:

  •     The application can connect to Active Directory and SAML to experience more secure
  •     Best tools dedicated to monitoring and recording user activity,
  •     Offline synchronization with reconnection,
  •     New tools for defining security policy,
  •     Connecting to QuickOffice, which lets users edit Microsoft Office documents and save them,
  •     Simplified multi-access account.

This new version of the application is also a part of Citrix’s response to the phenomenon of BYOD, which everybody talks about. “Allowing employees to collaborate in real time and exchange data securely from their mobile devices has become something critical for users and the company’s,” says Citrix.

The publisher has relied primarily on ease of use, with a cleaner interface and simple to take control: storage, sharing and synchronization, these are the watchwords.

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