Call of Duty: Elite app now released for Android gamers

“Call of Duty: Elite”- app for iOS devices, was finally released last week, and Android gamers can now enjoy more of this cool action game. In case you’re unfamiliar with “Call of Duty: Elite”, it’s an online service from Activision for Call of Duty games. Gamers can see their rankings, accomplishments, scores and achievements from this service. They even can join with other players and choose their loadouts. Gamers can also determine how to improve their strategies by analyzing their previous matches.

However, estimating by the comments on the application, it is sure that Activision has to fix some issues before a lot of users get a fulfilling practical exposure to this application for Android. There are issues of scaling of the application not to fit the display and gamers having sign in difficulties. Luckily the application is free, so try it out by installing it from the Android Market.

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