Bug can bypass the lock screen of samsung Galaxy S3

 Samsung galaxy s3 bug  can bypass screen lock

Due to a bug in the firmware, some manipulations using the system of emergency calls would be enough to unlock the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and thus give access to all the content on your smartphone.

Less than a month after the discovery of a flaw to bypass the unlock screen of the iPhone , the same problem seems to touch the Samsung Galaxy S3 , large commercial rival of Apple’s smartphone.bug bypass galaxy s3 screen lock

Discovered by security expert Sean McMillan, this flaw would provide access to the entire contents of the Galaxy S3. For this, it suffices to apply to take an emergency call, access to emergency contacts, to return to the home screen then press twice on / off button. Handling a cinch for those who know even if it turns out it does not work the first time systematically. However, it has been tested on three different copies of the flagship smartphone from Samsung.

According to Sean McMillan, the problem comes from the firmware S3 and not Android operating system. This is not the first time that such a bug affecting the Galaxy S3 . He then took a few weeks for Samsung to produce a patch. Hope that the Korean brand will prove responsive.

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