BMW i: eDrive, a thrilling experience of driving

With the eDrive technology, electro mobility turns into a driving experience new and exciting. eDrive includes an electric motor extremely agile developed and built by BMW, an innovative battery technology and an intelligent engine management system.The torque of the electric motor is fully available from the start and the acceleration is continuous up to top speed, without interruption. These two factors make our ultra-nimble electric vehicles and driving is a pleasure. The batteries of the lithium-ion battery and the engine management system have been optimized in every detail, resulting in a significant increase autonomy and performance.

Another advantage of eDrive: the total absence of local emissions. Electric motors using electric current rather than fuel for propulsion, fully electric cars and hybrid cars do not generate greenhouse gases when they run in electric mode. And if the energy used for propulsion comes from a renewable source, wind or waterpower for example, fully electric cars are climate neutral and then conserve natural resources.

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