BMW i Concept

BMW i Concept

BMW i, they are illusionists cars and mobility services, a design of great inspiration and a new approach to premium deeply inspired by sustainability. With BMW i, BMW Group takes a holistic approach, redefining the very concept of personal mobility vehicle concepts with bespoke services and a range of complementary mobility.

BMW i. endured Electric

The long-term vision of BMW Efficient Dynamics is to combine efficiency and ultimate driving pleasure by continually optimize the cars for a systematic reduction of their weight, innovative aerodynamics and increased engine efficiency. This vision is also implemented with alternative solutions traction and exploring new technologies to provide sustainable mobility today.

Consistent with the approach BMW Efficient Dynamics and its motto – fewer emissions, more fun – BMW i develop car and visionary technologies for tomorrow’s mobility. While borrowing from the wide range of BMW Efficient Dynamics technologies already available, BMW i go further. BMW i take a holistic approach with concept cars tailored for electric service and a range of complementary mobility, thereby redefining the concept of personal mobility.

BMW i created a new world of mobility vision with two new cars. The first, the BMW Concept i3, previously known as the “Megacity Vehicle” is the first fully electric car produced in series by BMW Group that meets the mobility needs in urban areas and reinvents the attributes of BMW for the future. The second, the BMW Concept i8, is a sports car at the forefront of progress, resolutely forward-looking, intelligent and innovative.  Its unique eDrive Hybrid combines a combustion engine and electric propulsion to provide a driving experience also raised by an amazing fuel Consumption and extremely low emissions.

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