BMW and Toyota, would strengthen their cooperation on hybrid

Already partners in the development of future battery electric, BMW and Toyota are expected to announce new joint projects in hybrid technologies and fuel cells.
Last March, when they announced their cooperation on the development of cell lithium-ion batteries next generation , BMW and Toyota had left the door open for other projects. Coincidence or not, the result of the partnership surfaced a few days after the questioning of the joint ventureĀ  BMW PSA around the hybrid, as it was originally thought. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Toyota’s hybrid technology to provide BMW. According to Mazda, Subaru and Ford, this new partner will allow Toyota to lower a bit more production costs of hybrid technology. The Japanese also would share its fuel cell technology while BMW Toyota would provide its technology to industrial production of carbon fiber. Remember also that at the last agreement, BMW had also secured the sale of diesel engines to Toyota.

A joint announcement of the two manufacturers is expected this week. Weaken it a little more torque PSA BMW, especially as the German carmaker is in talks with Kia / Hyundai on engine supply.

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