Automatic driving in traffic arrives

Mercedes and Audi will soon offer a feature automatic driving in traffic. Besides the gain in comfort for the driver, this device can minimize the formation of plugs. Accelerate, brake, accelerate, brake and add a back and forth from the clutch pedal if you do not drive in automatic. Traffic jams are a nightmare in which motorists would turn out well. For the wealthy, now it will soon become less fastidious with the arrival of autonomous driving. Mercedes will give on offer on its next S-Class and Audi A8 on her.

Operating at low speed, this system allows the driver to no longer deal with the steering wheel or pedals. The speed is controlled by the adaptive controller that handles remote follow the preceding vehicle while management relies on marking. On this last point, the presence of clear mark in good condition is essential, which should restrict the system to expressways. Of course, a collision detection system is on alert. The digital camera takes care of objects and pedestrians while the other surrounding vehicles are detected by ultrasonic sensors.

For reasons of safety, Mercedes says that the driver must keep their hands on the wheel, without the guide, to show that it is in driving position.

Apart from an obvious gain in comfort, this system could, if widely available, reduce the intensity of traffic on these freeways. Several studies have shown that the systematic use of the adaptive controller in traffic congestion allowed limit because it minimizes the brakes screeching.

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