Audi’s project to avoid red lights

The German manufacturer has experimentations about its SIM TD project to avoid red lights just to pass that green. 25 drivers are already benefiting from this technology located in Berlin.

Long ago that Audi is interested in thinning of city traffic through optimization passages of green traffic lights. His Revolution project was born in 2006 and since that date, experiments were conducted in Ingolstadt, then the project turned into SIM TD (Safe Intelligent Mobility – Test Field Deutchland), with a fleet of 120 vehicles in one connected large area centered on the city of Frankfurt.

More than ever, work is progressing since the tests were extended to the city of Verona, Italy, with about sixty fires that cover almost all the city center. Better yet, in Berlin, are 25 customers who benefit from Audi 1000 communicating lights to try to have only green.

While the first experiments were affected with direct communication between each light and the car now, it is connected to the control center that manages the flow of traffic lights in the city. Targeted information appears on the information display panel, with a 3G connection and will probably soon be 4G. It is thus indicated to the driver how quickly adopt to reach the next traffic light when it is green. When stopped at a red light, the display shows the time remaining before the fire turns green time.

According to figures from Audi, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 15% which would be on the scale of Germany, an annual saving of 900 million liters of fuel left.

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