Audi: the next three years program

The program promises to be responsible at Audi in the next three years. All sectors will be affected: the compact to the supercar through the SUV. Goal, snatch the top spot among premium manufacturers.The brand looks forward to the rings dethrone Mercedes and BMW by 2015 in the segment of premium models. To achieve this, multiply its Audi models, according AutoBild , while relying on some safe value.

The new Audi A3 , recently unveiled, would make its appearance in September 2012 5-door Sportback. It will probably rely on it in the world of self in Paris this year. A version with a chest should make its debut in 2013, especially to appeal to the Chinese market. In 2014, the new A3 Cabriolet is marketed.

In terms of alternative energy, although Audi has weighed on the scale. To compete with the future of BMW i3, in 2013, an A3 e-tron (power) would be marketed in 2014. Recall that a small set of R8 e-tron is also planned for the end of the year.

One of the best-selling brand, the A4 sedan, should be replaced with the new version in 2014. Before the break is meanwhile expected to arrive in 2015. That same year the TT Roadster would suffer a weight loss while maintaining its original philosophy. Cut of SUVs on the wave of the BMW X6 should also be created. To differentiate the current Q3, Q5 and Q7, they would choose a name with an even number. And should land in the Q2 2016, Q4 and Q6 in 2017 in 2014. A second generation of lighter Q7 should also be launched in 2014. Note that the platform could use in the manufacture of SUV Lamborghini URUS .Audi also relies on this prestigious brand to make a significant place in the market for supercars. 2013 should be an important year for Lamborghini as the successor to the Gallardo should be presented as well as in the Aventador roadster version.

Appointment in 2015, whether these innovations have enabled Audi to meet its target

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