Apple’s iOS Notification Center

Notification is a concept where all recent event or alarms get place together. Upcoming iOS 5 is going to introduced a “Notification Center” used as a shortcut of new email, texts, friend requests, reminders and so on as combine. It will help to dump all in one convenient location. It appears top of the device’s screen that not to navigate any more, it’s not a factor which application the user is in. It will provide recently received alert quickly and don’t need to access or click through each pop-up, expected to remember each individual alert. Notification Center Settings gives a opportunity to customized per app notification no, order of notification etc according to user need.

With help of Notification Center settings, application by application can be customized by the user. If user would like to customize any app, just do select and tap on it. You can control a slew of notification option for any individual app if you are enter into for once.

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