Apple is perhaps peace with Google over patents

The two tech giants finally have signed a patent agreement. This marks the end of a long legal battle of patent infringement that has delivered by Google and apple. It does interesting turn in latest discussion about patent infringement. However, cross-licensing agreement and end lawsuits against Samsung are not on the agenda.

Apple Company has understood that it will fail to curb Android by way of justice? Should we see the agreement as a confession of weakness of the Apple brand? This is Reuters which the information relates: “Apple and Google have agreed to end all complaints currently existing between the two groups,” said a joint argument. This agreement is somewhat unexpected, many observers always bearing in mind the words of Steve Jobs, promising a “thermonuclear war” against Google.

Perhaps the failure of the last trial day against Samsung led the leaders of the Cupertino Company to reconsider their positions. They decided a truce with their worst enemy, abandoning proceedings against Motorola, then owned by Google, for patent infringement. In exchange, Mountain View also puts an end to the lawsuit against Apple on the same subject.

No to  cross-licensing agreement

However, the two groups indicate that the agreement does not include cross-licensing. So everyone stays at home: collaboration between the two global players in the computer turns so limited. However, Apple and Google say they have agreed to “work together in certain areas of patent reform.”apple and google agreement

Indeed, the trial for patent infringement seems to be the favor of manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, these legal proceedings prove costly in time and money. Thus, analysts believe that the compensation paid by Samsung to Apple after their last confrontation does not allow the Apple brand to cover his legal costs. What is the nature of this partnership? How the two giants they hear to reform the industrial property system? No details are given in the statement.

Apple brand to continue the war against Samsung

If the agreement terminates between complaints “directly” Apple and Google, the truce does not apply to all disputes between Cupertino to other manufacturers, especially those using Android. But they are the prime target of Apple. The litigation between Google and Apple were inherited from Motorola, after its acquisition by the company of Mountain View. But this case was not closed; it is rare that the Apple brand is frontally attack Google. Also, despite this good agreement, nothing prevents Apple to engage in a new action against the South Korean Samsung.

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