Apple iOS 6: Now disable ad tracking

Apple iOS 6: Now disable ad tracking

If you have iOS 6, Apple can track you to facilitate the advertisers. Google and Facebook are not the only ones to follow in your footsteps to offer you targeted advertising. This “ad tracking” is enabled by default in iPhone 5, but luckily you can disable it easily.

Yep, in Apple too! In April, we had already talked about the UDID, the serial number of the iPhone 4, which allowed advertisers and publishers to engage in applications targeted advertising. The UDID allowed identifying a device, and crossing data, getting a real identity. Now, Apple has buried the UDID.Apple iOS 6: disable ad tracking

But the six iOS , the operating system of the current iPhone 5 and iPad now using a new unique code, IDFA, or “identifier for advertisers.” it has doubtless usefulness: this code is no longer linked to the device but random can still follow you as you surf from your smartphone or using an application. It is transmitted to Apple’s servers, which then generates a targeted advertising – according to your “interests”.

Advertisers no longer have access to your data, it is Apple who is in charge of spying on you! Sacred shade. In short, if you want to disable this feature, go to the settings of your iPhone 5, under the “General” tab. Then select “Information”, then “Advertisement”. In Apple iOS6 You will discover a button called “tracking limited advertising”, which you can simply activate it by dragging to the right. Phew, it feels better, right?

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