Apple await for iOS7

It seems that Apple will revolutionize the OS with iOS 7. But the interface changes back its development. The engineering team has been strengthened to meet await for ios7

Less than a year after the arrival of iOS 6 with the iPhone 5, rumors are already running on iOS 7 release . The last tidbits evoke a delay on the next update of the famous operating system. To accelerate the development of iOS 7, Apple would have called professionals initially allocated to OS X 10.9.

According to the renowned blogger John Gruber, site Daring Fireball “rare engineers working on iOS 7 use polarizing filters, which greatly reduce the viewing angle internally at Apple.”

Rene Ritchie Site iMore also speaks of iOS 7. According to him, “iOS 7 should bring a lot of changes and meet many people.”

Finally, the rumors it is not a lot of noise for great things. We have no details on the changes, and the new release date of iOS 7.

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