Apple attacks Samsung in court again

After fifteen days of calm, the Apple brand enters a new lawsuit against Samsung. Its goal: to prevent new products from the South Korean company on American soil.

We told you about it a few days ago: Apple is perhaps peace with Google, but that does not stop the Apple brand to continue the war against the Android running devices manufacturers. So, Samsung is again the costs of the patent war, as the Cupertino Company will try (again) to ban its products on American soil.

At the end of a new trial, which ended in early May, Samsung has been ordered to pay $ 120 million to its U.S. rival. Twenty times less than 2 billion claimed by Apple. Also on nine patents supposedly violated by the South Korean, Judge Lucy Koh has held that two offenses. This verdict does not meet Apple, who has filed a new complaint opposed to Samsung. “The damage and financial interests are not sufficient to adequately compensate Apple vis-à-vis the loss” said by lawyers of the brand.

This new action concerns the nine convicted of a violation of two patents mobile devices, there a few weeks ago by the same court in San Jose. Are implicated Samsung Admire, Galaxy SII, SIII, SII ,Epic 4G Touch SII Skyrocket, Note II, Note and Nexus.

Apple determined to ban Samsung in the American market

These products are quite old; they are all on the market for three to four years. This is not the first time Apple makes such actions. In 2012 as in the last trial to date, the Apple brand has called the ban on the marketing of these devices on American soil. Each request was rejected again by the judge of the Court in San José, Lucy Koh. It is likely that Apple is again unsuccessful.Apple against samsung

Remarkably, however, counsel for Cupertino mentioned this time that the sales ban should apply to “any software or code that can integrate features violating copyright and / or not enough differentiating” functions and components of Apple products. This sentence, seemingly innocuous means that the latest mobile devices Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 in mind, are affected by the procedure. In this way, if a blockage of sales of new devices must be pronounced, it would also extend to the newest additions to Samsung.

This new act of the patent war does not foregone ad for Apple. Despite the truce signed recently between Apple and Google, nothing prevents Google engineers to testify in favor of South Korea during the trial. In addition, this is the third time that Lucy Koh is called to judge between this type of case Apple and Samsung. Indeed, it will be back to court in San Jose to decide. If the purpose of the Apple brand is tired judge, it may well be that it will succeed this time.

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