An S-Class Mercedes convertible in anticipation

Mercedes might decline its flagship S-Class convertible version. This model would arrive shortly after the commercialization of the next generation of the large sedan to star in 2013.The German firm intends to develop its high-end in the coming years. Six new models are also being prepared on the basis of S-Class. For now simple sedan, it could quickly be broken down into cabriolet in 2013 with the arrival of the new generation according Car Advice.

This gig would help offset the loss of the subsidiary’s luxury Mercedes, Maybach, in 2013. Landaulet version of the Maybach 62 is in fact available again this year. This provides a soft top to discover the rear seats while a permanent fixed roof over the front seats. This future S-Class convertible would be based on the concept, however, Ocean Drive, unveiled in 2007 by Mercedes at the Detroit show. This study showed an S-Class coupe with four doors, so to torpedo the twenty-first century. The principle of landaulet would therefore be abandoned. The future convertible should however contain only two doors and a canvas top.

Comfort and technology should be honored in this version of the S-Class discoverable It could be the first to model the system board Air Craft to the rear seats. Appeared in 2004 on the SLK roadster of the brand with the star, it can heat up the neck through ventilation built into the headrests. The new suspension system called Magic Body Control is also proposed. A camera located in the windshield profile analysis of the road up to 15 meters. The information is then sent to a computer that adjusts the hardness of the shock absorber spring in advance to maximize comfort. All asperities of the road are well resolved.

This large 4 seater convertible may eventually provide shade to some Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Drophed. Following the same philosophy of luxury and comfort, but this Mercedes is more accessible than the British Roadster. The German brand should clarify its intentions once the new S-Class sold in 2013.

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