Amazon moves to the cloud storage for businesses

Amazon has just launched its newest cloud service. Zocalo aims to compete with Dropbox for Business by providing a secure environment for file storage and collaboration for businesses.

Dropbox, Huddle and Google Docs have to behave themselves; Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new range of cloud storage. Called Zocalo, this service allows enterprise customers to Amazon to have a storage environment 200GB for $ 5 per month, or 50 GB for Amazon Workspace clients (expandable to 200GB through 2 monthly dollars).

“AWS has been increasingly called upon to provide a tool for storing and sharing user-friendly enterprise, allowing users to quickly collaborate with each other and meet the professionals for support” said by Noah Eisner, now the CEO of Zocalo. He also said “That’s what this purpose we have designed Amazon Zocalo.”

Storing, sharing and security

This service allows a company’s employees to store share and collaborate on various types of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, Web pages, images, PDF, or text files. And can be access from many terminals including Kindle Fire, laptops, Apple device and Android products. It is also possible to annotate a document via a commenting tool. AWS also places emphasis on the “Feedback”, Zocalo allowing users to be notified by mail in the event of changes in a document or expiration dates.

Amazon is likely to integrate Zocalo with Active Directory, so that users retain the same rights as other services within the enterprise. Administrators can set sharing rules, choose the “region” AWS in which data is stored and access to activity reports to track files and users. Finally, Amazon states that any data stored via Zocalo is obviously encrypted.

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