Amazon launches a dedicated 3D printing shop

Buy a 3D printer parts for repair or plastic wire for printing is now available on The website for online sales has just launched a whole section dedicated to this technology, which affects more the general public.

Amazon launches dedicated 3d printing shop

Even if Amazon gets going, is this a sign of a revolution? The website selling online recently opened (in the U.S. version) is entirely dedicated to 3D printing section. The site offers Makerbot printer manufacturer, the main actor in the field of 3D printing low-cost, but also imitations, printers or FlashForge Afinia, which take more or less the same principle as the Makerbot. The section also offers used 3D printers, whose owners want to get rid of.

Prices remain high, the 3D printer is currently the least expensive sale on the site are in 1099 dollars. Yet it is generally the way to pay to obtain a 3D printer at a professional manufacturer prices. Do It Yourself 3D printers are generally of lower quality and require certain skills to climb and run, but you can get them for half the price.

Amazon also offers a class dedicated to accessories 3D printing: more diverse and varied parts are offered, ranging from the print head engines, making it easy to repair or get yourself a 3D printer. Finally, the site also sells ABS and PLA plastic filaments in rolls, the materials most frequently used by low cost 3D printers, as well as books on the subject and 3D design software desktop. In short, almost everything you need to get started in 3D printing, but not really the most economical offer.

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