Amazon: a smartphone in preparation

The Seattle company reassured by the success of Kindle Fire tablet could push his advantage and market a smartphone under its own brand. “We, too: do we know”, had to tell the leaders of Amazon to analyze the results of tablet sales. Kindle the Fire is indeed firmly established on the podium and sales out of the Google Nexus 7 as likely that an iPad Mini are designed to counteract the positions acquired by Amazon.
The company led by Jeff Bezos does not rely on a leash: you just play well on my property and I’m going to play on your own.
Bloomberg says that Amazon and prepare their own phone, which would be manufactured by Foxconn. The machine, running Android 4.0, would be sold directly through the online store. The launch would coincide with the arrival of the worldwide application store offered by Amazon and not only in the U.S. as is the case now.
Before embarking, Amazon seeks to secure a maximum of patents in the field of mobile telephony. To do this the company just hired Matt Gordon,  who was previously director of acquisitions in the company Intellectual Ventures Management, a company founded by former Microsoft CTO,  Nathan Myhrvold, and claiming more than 35,000 various intellectual properties. According to his Linkedin profile, Matt Gordon will be  responsible for patents and acquisitions within Amazon.
Also note that Amazon has recently focused on 3D mapping as we indicated in this Article . Elements that could be used to the tablet KindleFire but even a smartphone.

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