AirPlay will be presented at Sept. 12

Apple could benefit from the presentation of the iPhone 5 to carry out various technology announcements including a new version of AirPlay, which happen now a Wi-Fi network.

A hi-fi or speakers on one side and a iBidule other and that’s all. Longer need Wi-fi to listen to music between two devices. This seems to be the promise of technology AirPlay Direct to be presented on September 12, according to The Telegraph. Similarly, changing the connector size should be accompanied by a software upgrade allowing iBidules be connected to different docks reading without the need to physically connect, but using Bluetooth technology like what practical Android.

A smaller connector

In fact, the arrival of a smaller connector, freeing up more space for other phone functions, should not be too detrimental to the owners of all kinds of devices using this technology AirPlay Direct. In fact, already many consumers complained of being forced to buy new equipment or unsightly adapters to connect the new iPhone to their various playback devices.

With AirPlay Direct technology, it becomes possible to directly read the music without any pre-established connection to the condition that the devices are equipped with proprietary chip Apple. For conventional speakers, not equipped with this chip, the connection could be provided via Bluetooth.

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