A touch wheel in preparation of the BMW iDrive

BMW would work on a touch wheel to perfect and simplify the iDrive system. This technology would make its appearance in early 2014 with the arrival of the new X5 SUV. The race equipment at the forefront of technology is raging among German manufacturers! Audi has recently unveiled a touch wheel on the MMI of the new A3. BMW hear good answer because the same principle should be present on the iDrive X5.

The touch wheel was seen inside a test vehicle. It would include scrolling through menus and easy navigation in the BMW iDrive. Another advantage, it could incorporate new functions and therefore reduce the number of buttons on the center console.

It would not be surprising to find such a process at BMW. The tactile system would indeed be developed by the supplier Preh GmbH, also provider of technology for Audi and Mercedes. Other models in the range of the propeller manufacturer, equipped with iDrive, could certainly benefit from this system later. This touch technology tends to develop more and more in the car. Driven particularly by the high-end, the last generation Audi A8 was one of the first models to have a touchpad. Since even the OEMs are getting into and including Garmin just introduced a system of wheel coupled to a touchpad.

More fluidity to the iDrive

Further improvements are also expected on the iDrive system. Series 7, newly restyled, indeed opens the Google Street View, to view its destination point scale for example. It is also possible to have new widgets online to check the local weather for example. Some buildings may also be displayed in 3D as a block when using the GPS or two phones can be associated with the Bluetooth. As explained by Chief Technology BMW, Rob Passaro “this is an update of system performance with additional features”. Emphasis was placed on ease of navigation through menus including zoom level on maps for a more enjoyable.

This technological arsenal would enable BMW to stay in the race for embedded devices. The German automaker will not fail to give further details when the touch wheel goes on sale.

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