A Facebook data center near the Arctic Circle in Sweden

Facebook has opened the doors of its first data center in Europe. Based in northern Sweden, just 100 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, the location was chosen for its climate say “refreshing.”

Facebook datacenter near arctic

It is in Lulea, a coastal city of Sweden, near the Arctic Circle What opened the first Facebook data center outside the U.S On the coast of the Baltic Sea, the temperature never exceeded 30 ° C. And it was in 1961, a historic date for this record temperature. Indeed, here, the freshness is perfect: it limits the use of air conditioning systems to cool the site processing and storage of data. The location also allows the use of local resources in large hydropower in the region thanks to the Lulea River. The social network announced: “All devices operate within the local hydroelectric power. Not only is this 100% renewable energy, but the reliability and consistency of its supply has reduced the number of backup generators by 70%. ”

The new building, which covers 30,000 m2, also benefits from the network of Swedish high-performance fiber optic and widely deployed. The equipment in this data center were designed by teams of the firm. We find Open Compute servers, name of an internal project to Facebook to create efficient infrastructure such as servers or systems for power distribution. The new data center has its own Facebook page , which has already collected more than ten thousand fans

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