4G connectivity in iPad3 tablet, a personal hotspot

The new iPad3 tablet: 4G connectivity, a personal hotspot

* The tablet is compatible with the faster cellular networks worldwide, including the 4G LTE.  Surf,     share, distribute, download operations become minutes. The new iPad is compatible with GSM / UMTS (HSPA +, DC-HSDPA), 3G networks.

* The new iPad to share his broadband connection and becomes, according to the operator, a personal hotspot to connect up to five devices (MacBook Air, iPod touch, iPad, Wifi, Bluetooth or USB).

* Truly global, the iPad covers networks around the world and allows the use of a local SIM card.

LTE – 4G available in  Europe?

The current rumors points to a differential frequency.In Some European countries selected frequency bands are 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz, while the iPad would be expected for frequencies from 700 MHz to 2.1 GHz. Nevertheless, according Clubic quoting his colleague AnandTech, the iPad would have the ability to handle frequencies 800 and 2600 MHz.

Availability of the update of iOS 5.0 : IOS 5.1

This important update is available for download. The operating system improves the quality of the audio and power. For the new iPad, iOS 5.1 offers the ability to control the playback speed, rewind by 30 seconds of podcasts. As expected, the iOS 5.1 fixes some bugs, like the audio quality of calls made and the life of the battery. While the major update is about to leave, others hope the release of IOS 6.0. Are expected and new features such as multitasking real-time integration of Facebook (transfer photos, videos, links), for the principle.

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